Hi my name is Jonathan, and welcome to my blog. It started as a placeholder domain but over time it has collected stuff... It's not Skynet yet...

A Brief CV...

I completed my BSc in Electrical Engineering at Wits in 2007. In 2008 I started work at OPSI Systems, a logistics software development and consulting firm. In October 2012 I moved to Entelect as a Senior Software Developer in Projects. In August 2013 I took up a Team Lead position within the company and I have been enjoying it ever since.

I have lots experience in C# (WinForms/ASP.MVC/WebApi), MS SQL and plenty of HTML/CSS/Javascript knowledge. I have worked with a bit of Java in university and I have some experience in C++ from my previous job. More recently I have done a lot of development in Node, mostly for bots. I'm a big fan of automation and PowerShell has been my scripting tool of choice.

...With a Personal touch

I am married, with two kids and I enjoy good wine, good food and time with friends and family. I run when I can, and in 2016 I completed the Two Oceans Half Marathon for the second time.


You can find me on Twitter or GitHub. If email is your thing, I can be reached on jonathan@counihan.co.za