For the past couple of weeks the team has been experimenting with a Show and Tell meeting on Monday afternoons, to give a high-level picture of the changes each developer has made over the last week. The idea is to briefly cover any changes you have made and focus on any tricky or non-obvious code changes. If you have a specific new Enum or fundamentally change how the routing works, we want to share this knowledge and avoid any siloing.

So the easist way to summarise what I was doing last week is to view the git log:

git log 

Err, that is too much. Let’s clean it up a bit. We don’t care about merges and I only want the last 7 days.

git log  --since='7 days ago' --no-merges 

But that is still everyone. I need to filter only me:

git log --author="Jonathan Counihan" --since='7 days ago' --no-merges 

Much better. Let’s add some formatting to make it a one-liner:

git log --author="Jonathan Counihan" --since='7 days ago' --no-merges --pretty=format:"%cd  %h  %s" --date=rfc

And success!

Git Log

To prevent me having to type this command each week, we can alias it. I find it easiest to add alias commands via the editor rather than the command line, so type the following into your shell:

git config --global --edit

This will open the .gitconfig file in your chosen editor. Add the following text into the file:

	showAndTell = "log --author=\"Jonathan Counihan\" --since='7 days ago' --no-merges --pretty=format:'%cd  %h  %s' --date=rfc"

Note the use of double and single quotes, this is important for the parsing of the .gitconfig file. The author name is also hardcoded, which is not ideal. But aliases allow us to execute other git commands as well. The following will give us the local username for this repository.

git config --local

This output can now be plugged into our main alias (using ` to escape the command)

	showAndTell = "log --author=\"`git config --local`\" --since='7 days ago' --no-merges --pretty=format:'%cd  %h  %s' --date=rfc"

And nothing! The author parameter now has the literal value of git config --local, which is not ideal…

The solution is to use the ! (bang) operator which tells git to execute commands in a regular shell. And since we are using the bang operator we need to explicitly call git when executing the log command. The updated alias now looks like this:

	showAndTell = "!git log --author=\"`git config --local`\" --since='7 days ago' --no-merges --pretty=format:'%cd  %h  %s' --date=rfc"

This also means that the alias can be shared and used by others with no changes, making it an invaluable part of my git toolbox and one less thing for me to worry about on a weekly basis! Git aliases for the win! If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch.