I started this blog for a number of reasons.

I wanted a place to remember stuff (code, thoughts, random musings…) but also showcase my mad dev skillz. I wanted somewhere that was me. Facebook is just my friends, its too friendly and social. I use Twitter professionally but its’ format is too short and Yoda (Entelect employees’ blog platform) is too internal. I also wanted to build more of a brand for Me. I wanted to write a mixture of stuff but sometimes I can’t find the right platform or medium.

Whenever I find something cool that I want to share or solve a problem that I want to remember, I want somewhere that I can document it without having to ensure a set of guidelines is met. Not all posts are created equal, so why make them so?

A personal blog might also allow me to voice opinions on other things like the politics in South Africa or parenting, something I’m not super comfortable with on Facebook or Twitter. Social media is too echoy-chamber and conflict driven for me and chances are if you are reading this, you have chosen to find it. The format of plain text posts also leaves a lot to be desired with regards to showcasing my mad JS skillz ;)

With a custom built site/blog/hackerspace I can pretty much do what I like so I’m going to explore what effect this freedom will have. Will I write more? Less? Will it be good stuff? Will I want to share it? Will I retire by the age of 35 after launching my one in a millon idea?

And because Disqus is now putting ads on the free subscription I won’t have comments so get in touch on Twitter if you have some feedback.

It will be appreciated.