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Or how to keep your server side and client side in sync

Enums are useful for flags or for any known limited set of inputs. Using them in C# allows a measure of protection in that invalid values will be disallowed at compile time. However runtime errors can still occur anytime you have serialiation of the values, for example when receiving requests...

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Git Alias FTW

Solving one problem at a time...

For the past couple of weeks the team has been experimenting with a Show and Tell meeting on Monday afternoons, to give a high-level picture of the changes each developer has made over the last week. The idea is to briefly cover any changes you have made and focus on...

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Guessing is so slapdash, Maths all the way!

Each year Entelect hosts a pretty cool year-end function for all the staff. They find a venue that can accommodate the whole company and then spend lots of dosh on catering, drinks and activities. They go all out and really try make it fun day for everyone with various activies...

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Git Log Viewer: Part 2

I found the centre!

Following on from a previous post, I now had the change log of my project in a JSON file. The next step is making this visible to the team via web site, specifically for our product development manager and lead QA tester.

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Git Log Viewer: Part 1

Journey to the centre of the change log

First some background. Around a year ago I joined an existing project at a new client. As they had no continuous integration or deployment, we added it and implemented the versions numbering scheme as described in Using Continuous Integration to version your application.

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